ndecent name resolution

In order to

can get a proper name, now many of the owners can be said to be a big idea, some even take some offbeat name, difficult for consumers to accept. So, the name is good, can only consider the feelings, also have to consider the public feelings. In short, the name offbeat controversy involving indecent name foul have to carefully.

1, oh copy

in Qingdao, the southernmost tip of the road has just opened a shop in Jiaozhou, which is called "Oh copy", the shop specializes in selling all kinds of earrings, necklaces and other accessories. But recently, the female boss Zhang Yan encountered a dilemma, the reason is called "Oh copy" the name of the controversy in the society. "The reason why I give jewelry shop called ‘Oh copy’ just to attract the attention of consumers, why will attract many people talk about it?"

many people are very aware of the out of the ordinary "firm", a lot of people laugh, some people kept shaking his head. "I’m going to be a ‘name’ and don’t think of a tacky name." Zhang Yan said that her first name of the store called "what onion", but later thought, the name is "soil" to the extreme, then she asked many people, but not always think of a better name.

"is" Oh copy "name is inspired by Stephen Chow." Zhang Yan said. Not long ago, she was watching the Hongkong comedy actor Stephen Chow, found that Stephen Chow’s pet phrase "I copy" is very characteristic, she immediately "exploit", "I copy" into "Oh copy and prepare the name do you shop.

"This is what the name

there, it is a curse." Since the store opened a week, oh copy signs, there have been more than 10 people call the morning post hotline reflects the same problem. Jiaozhou Road Industrial and commercial administration, they made it clear that: this shop will be banned.

2, Niu Bi

in late October of this year, Mr. Sun on the way home after Xinjiekou, inadvertently see this shop. Mr. sun dazzled wrong thought. The next few days, he deliberately took a look name, is indeed called "Niu bi".

Mr. Sun believes that the name "Niu Bi" and "dirty cattle B" homophonic, now actually stately into business to solicit business name, which belongs to the vulgar culture, certainly wrong.

this name is indeed innovative, indeed attracted the attention of the public, however, this "attention" is not conducive to the development of the store, and even in many large and medium-sized expressly unacceptable. Therefore, in the name of the shop, we can not blindly take into account new ideas, but also