How to invest in the art of war

will have a war since ancient times for the art of war, in the modern era of entrepreneurship, Sun Tzu on wall, for we have no help at all, let’s take a look! "The art of war" is China’s first military works, it is the meaning of the essence, broad and profound, is the ancient Chinese and foreign famous as military canon. Today, the "military science of Sun Tzu" military philosophy and strategic thinking for the PE also has a profound reference and guidance.

is the key to the success of the investment for the future value judgment, winning investment determines the level of future profits. "Who is not doing battle winner, may also be more, before doing battle is not a winner, very little. A number of wins, less is extremely, "no calculation at all?" The grandson taught us to battles in before, must make a scientific prediction by analyzing the outcome of the war, not to fight the battle without fight no battle unprepared. Before the war is expected to be able to win, derived from careful planning, full victory conditions, do not do their homework in advance, on the battlefield, the results can be imagined. "Is it wins the soldiers to win then go to war, troops war first and then win."

"Tao" on the king’s justice and morality, if conform to public opinion, will be of one mind, hatred;

"day" refers to the time war is good;

"land" to analyze the spatial and geographic conditions have what advantage;

"will" is required to study the best generals "wisdom, faith, benevolence, courage and discipline" of five to

;The research of

"law" is a military organization and management regulations.


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