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Beijing winter Expo held in October 19th to 22, do not miss

in the past 2008 Olympic Games, China’s athletes show their own style, and our country is further out of the country, to the world. The first international winter sports (Beijing) Expo sponsored by the Beijing Olympic City Development Association was held at the Beijing National Convention Center from October 19th to 22. Hold the Winter Fair is the key project of Beijing municipal government to speed up the development of winter sports in 2016-2022, is to promote Chinese 300 million people involved in the ice and snow sports, a winter sports and ice industry as the main content of the international high-end exhibition to promote extensive development of winter sports in the China founded.

under the call of the District Sports Bureau, the District Sports Industry Association organized nearly a hundred sports enterprises within the jurisdiction of the active participation of the winter fair. The participants of the sports enterprises are responsible to participate in the forum, winter sports equipment and Technology Forum, Internet plus sports marketing forum, winter sports tourism industry forum and snow industry winter sports talent financing seminar parallel forum.

Winter Olympics in the Olympic Games is also a matter of extraordinary significance, we can watch more winter programs, especially the vigorous development of ice and snow sports. By participating in the Winter Fair, our district sports enterprises a comprehensive understanding of the relevant policy information of ice and snow sports, feel the unique charm of the winter sports and the latest products, direct experience of intelligent sports equipment and cutting-edge technology to share the snow, ice and snow industry investment trends, investment experience, and provides innovative ideas for sports the future development of enterprises.

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