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What are the steps to install windows and doors

each household has doors and windows, windows and doors when the installation of decoration is very important, it represents a family security. Windows and doors is the home of the eyes, the importance of the door and window is self-evident, so in the installation process must be careful, small collection of doors and windows to install specific steps in the hope that we can be tied to everyone.

windows installation construction and installation of doors and windows including windows made of two parts. Some doors and windows are produced by the factory, the construction can only be installed, such as wood doors and windows, steel doors and windows, plastic doors and windows and aluminum alloy doors and windows, etc.. However, aluminum alloy doors and windows, doors and windows are many in the field of production. The doors and windows with special functions, such as fire doors, explosion-proof doors, sound insulation doors and windows, insulation doors and windows, closed doors and windows and observation windows, etc., in the production and installation, should be strictly in accordance with the design requirements.

Design of

provisions is based on national standards, such as not the national standard of the windows and doors, the size of the hole should refer to local or enterprise standards.

The third step:

The fourth step:


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