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Nanjing limit the purchase of new housing loans in November fell 13.14%

in the first half of the real estate market prices crazy growth behavior, a lot of local governments have to take the relevant measures to stop. Nanjing after the purchase of restricted loans, the property market is difficult to stimulate sales. Online real estate shows that in November Nanjing new house turnover of 5869 units, the chain fell by 13.14% in October, compared with last year is down by more than 6. At the same time, second-hand housing market has continued to decline in November turnover fell 14.73% QoQ, has declined for the 3 consecutive month.

for the first time this year, turnover fell below 6000 sets of

and regulation than before, just past November property market sales decline is very serious. 5869 sets of 16072, compared with 6595 sets in October decreased by 13.14%. And before the regulation and control of the 13 thousand sets of monthly turnover compared to each other, it is plunged into more than 5. Compared with the same period last year, it is less than 6. At the same time, this is the first time this year, the monthly turnover of new homes fell below 6000 sets of cases.


network is still research data show that in November is expected to market volume of 8775 sets, but the actual amount listed only 6662 sets, more than 3 thousand fewer than in October, many real estate seems because customers reduce regulation and not blindly listed. But for the listing of the property, the general market is not bad. Because in the case of 6662 Suites listed in November, Nanjing new house turnover of 5869 sets.

high priced deal, reservations

in the monthly sales charts, West Sea Yue Ming Du yuan turnover of 2 billion 68 million yuan ranked first; Yanlord Jiangwan city and Vanke Emerald Park respectively sold 1 billion 168 million yuan and 1 billion 30 million yuan. Golden elegance and Xu Hui platinum Yue Qinhuai have traded more than 700 million yuan.

and the sales volume ranking basically just need disk occupation. In the sales cycle of top 5 projects, in addition to Vanke Emerald Park, Nanjing Biguiyuan, Zi Yi, the original Washington railway chanson, Longjin square are relatively cheap to just dish.

but the modern express reporter noted that such a transaction amount and the number of copies have reservations". Jiangwan City, Xu Hui Yanlord Qinhuai, Xi Yue platinum Landsea Washington, the residence of Nakaumi Xuanwu high prices, in November upload some transaction data, developers will temporarily stop uploading transaction data, which will lead to the structure of the deal in November, the number of transactions decreased relatively high prices.

second-hand housing turnover has declined for 3 consecutive months

second-hand housing is also showing a downward trend in turnover. Online real estate shows that in November Nanjing second-hand housing turnover 1 recommended


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