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Sichuan, Sichuan Province, migrant workers returning home to start a green channel

under the needs of the people of all walks of life, the government increasingly around the country to create a better business environment, so as to meet the needs of more entrepreneurs. Among them, the work of farmers as a special group, and now has become an important part of the entrepreneurial market, enjoy the government to provide a more favorable entrepreneurial policy. Moreover, many areas are also open for migrant workers to start the green channel, Sichuan, Sichuan Province is so.

this year, the Sichuan Province to relax the policy environment, improve the entrepreneurial environment, increase employment training, focusing on migrant workers to return to the village of Dazhou entrepreneurship opened green channel". Up to now, Dazhou District Returned Migrant Workers 887 new jobs, re employment of 322 people.

Reduce business registration threshold

Dazhou District, simplifying the loan application and registration procedures for examination and approval, will be allowed to rent houses, temporary commercial housing as a place of business venture. The establishment of venture capital projects and entrepreneurial guidance experts volunteer group, to take small loans secured loans, poverty alleviation project loan discount, entrepreneurship and employment incentives and other measures to guide migrant workers to return to innovation and entrepreneurship.

through the early stage of market research, grasp the market demand for jobs, migrant workers to carry out targeted skills training to improve the re employment rate of migrant workers returning home. Up to now, Dazhou District returned migrant workers to participate in skills training 631 people, to participate in entrepreneurship training for 241 people.

under such a preferential policy support, no doubt that we can see, Sichuan province Dalcheon District of migrant workers will be more successful in the career path, and by virtue of entrepreneurship to create jobs, promote the development of local economy and business, will help more people to solve the employment problem.

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