Secret investment small profit big project

is now in the early stages of entrepreneurship, a lot of people will be a headache, it is because their capital is too small, do not worry, and now for you to disclose some of the small profits of investment projects, so you do not worry about getting rich. What are the small profits of investment projects have ah? Jewelry to join, open jewelry shop investment is relatively small. There are a lot of small profits to invest in the project, how much do you know?

a jewelry dress with a superb collection of beautiful things of women, the temptation of a woman’s heart. The jewelry store even more women feel pleased to do jewelry self-service business so you can easily harvest wealth.

: Investment Analysis

Analysis of benefit:

accessories price from a few dollars, tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars, profit is not the same. According to the 10 customers every day, every day consumption of 30 yuan, turnover of 300 yuan, the monthly income of 9000 yuan, annual gross profit was 108000 yuan last year, in addition to store rent 24000 yuan, annual wages of 12000 yuan, year should pay various taxes and fees of 6000 yuan, annual water, electricity 2400 yuan, year of semi-finished products, accessories the product purchase cost of 2000 yuan, the annual net profit of 44600 yuan, the average monthly income of 3700 yuan, the payback period is 5 months.

marketing recommendations:

1, selected in the vicinity, bustling commercial district and the colleges and universities, in practice the initial can have a relatively stable consumer groups.

2, every 1 to 2 weeks can be held as "jewelry making contest and other activities, making everyone can enhance the interest and expand the visibility of jewelry.

3, fashion jewelry self-help shop can be showing the customer a variety of exquisite accessories such as various semi-finished products: Chinese knot, bone carving, agate, draw beads, South Korea silk and Austria crystal, for the customer to choose, to meet customer demand of semi-finished products, jewelry design and manufacture of the individual consumer psychology, for their own and create a personal style of jewelry, on behalf of the one and only as a friend. At the same time, the store staff constantly making presentations, Yaolian, brooches, necklaces, earrings, hairpins Chinese knot all kinds of fashion jewelry.


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