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Snack food to join the election of three squirrels

think about ten years ago, the best fruit of the new year? Candy, melon seeds, etc.. And now? Nut foods became popular. All kinds of nuts inside the TV series, which means that leisure food brands have occupied a dominant position in the food.

with the improvement of living standards, the demand for leisure food is on the rise. Anhui three squirrels (Sino foreign joint venture) Agel Ecommerce Ltd, is China’s first positioning in the pure Internet food brands, but also China’s largest sales of food electricity supplier enterprises.

three squirrels join

three squirrel brand launched on June 19, 2012, the year sales revenue of more than 3000 yuan in 2013 sales revenue exceeded 326 million, the company was founded in February 2012 in Anhui Wuhu national high tech Zone is registered, with nuts, dried fruits, tea and other forest food research and development, packaging and sales of B2C brand new modern enterprise. The three squirrel network channel comprehensive coverage of Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong, shop No. 1, QQ online shopping, the U.S. group, vip.com, jumei.com and other channels, and has built the country’s Southern China region, North China, East China three logistics center, can realize the processing of orders of 100 thousand single, 60% regional and National Consumer Day Speed logistics service.

fresh new brand is often especially the first element gift market new brands to survive, three squirrels join, take you to experience the three squirrels brand design and adorable playful, vivid, vivid, also has the dynamic and texture. Goodwill and joy is a fast elimination of distance, the market and the people to conquer a good card. In the future to build a new ecosystem of the Internet as a mission, the three squirrels are still looking for quality, fresh, healthy food for the whole of humanity.

join advantage:

1, give you a one-stop, risk-free business model, the company from the shop, the operation of the entire regulatory protection, so that your risk is very low.

2, the marketing concept, staff training, copywriting, advertising, business negotiation, human resources, brand management, financial management, logistics management, risk warning, image recognition CIS system, enterprise culture and honor, unified advertising resources or advertising effect, operating manuals and training, product display scheme etc..

3, product description, product brochures, promotional activities, promotional materials, branding, management, logistics supply system, strong advertising support, television, magazines, Internet, outdoor advertising.

4, three squirrels flagship store to join the establishment, the headquarters can not be in the


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