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Jujube women’s entrepreneurship training into the rural community in Hubei

is now a popular pioneering era, the majority of the female entrepreneurs have been liberated from the home, embarked on a road of entrepreneurship, recently, Hubei city of Jujube Province Women in entrepreneurship training to carry out a series of work.

8 19 in the morning, with "public entrepreneurship, innovation, Jujube city women’s entrepreneurship training ceremony in women’s action" as the theme was held in the assembly hall of Liu Sheng Zhen, this activity is jointly organized by the city people club Bureau, Municipal Women’s Federation, and received strong support from the government of Liu Sheng Zhen, this is my city the function of service innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples another major move. The ceremony presided over by the Municipal Women’s Federation Chairman Wang Yunhong, Municipal Committee Organization Department Minister Huang Jun, city people club bureau director Xie Dejun published ebullience speech, encourage the majority of trainees, and strive to learn new knowledge, based on local industrial advantages, through their own efforts, realize the wealthy and strong city.

the training using entrepreneurship training skills training mode, training free of charge, the training object including the women’s individual industrial and commercial households, rural cooperatives and other legal persons have entrepreneurial aspirations of women and landless women, left behind women and urban unemployed etc..

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