How much money knife cutting robot

is now a lot of noodle shops have begun to use knife cut noodle robot to help save labor costs. What is the cost of the machine? Many newcomers are very keen to know. Rising labor costs speed is getting faster and faster, so, naturally, will find a replacement for labor products, the robot will come into our lives, we will see that there are some restaurants have been going on the introduction of the robot continued when the waiter, so as to reduce labor demand shop. In life, the robot is widely used in restaurants, noodle shop inside, the use of robots is also very extensive, thousands of pieces of money, very practical.

in the use of robots or recruitment between employees, often through the analysis of income and cost comparison, the robot Sliced noodles how much money? One needs 5 thousand yuan, hire a waiter how much salary, as long as the comparison will find a restaurant to buy the machine is a good choice.

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