The worst global entrepreneurial environment

since the entrepreneurial environment is the best country, the corresponding, there is also a very bad entrepreneurial environment. Xiao Bian here to introduce you, I hope you do not accidentally, to these countries to start a business, hit a package, and ultimately ended in failure!

10. Indonesia. Vitality index: 50.7 the biggest weakness: Indonesia’s scientific and technological environment in the survey countdown to third. Limited research spending, financing problems, and an unfriendly business environment for companies have dragged down the country’s economic development.

9, Columbia. Vitality index: 50.2 the biggest weakness: Columbia science and technology environment for the last sixth. Poor infrastructure and minimal research spending pulled Columbia down.

8, russia. Vitality index: 50 the biggest weakness: Russia’s financing environment for the last third. Despite its relatively strong economic growth, but the height of the corruption that Russia still suffer, financing is also a problem.

7, South africa. Vitality index: 50 the biggest weakness: South Africa has the world’s top second of labor and human capital. High youth unemployment is one of the reasons why South Africa is less attractive to businesses.

6, portugal. Vitality index: 49.2 the biggest weakness: Portugal’s economic environment worse than Greece ranked the bottom of the top second. The prospect of a disastrous growth in Europe and the prospect of further tightening in the future make Portugal a dangerous place for businesses.

5, Philippines. Vitality index: 47.6 the biggest weakness: Philippines labor and human capital environment in the bottom of the top sixth. It is important to have a young workforce, but business leaders are more interested in the average number of years of education and productivity, which is where Philippines lags.

4, egypt. Vitality index: 41.2 of the biggest weakness: Egypt has a poor scientific and technical score of second and poor labor and human capital of third. Weak education, unemployment and underdeveloped IT infrastructure affect Egypt’s position in the rankings.

3, greece. Vitality index: 40.2 the biggest weakness: Greece has the world’s worst economic growth prospects. Greece is suffering from a huge economic recession and austerity austerity program, so the lowest score in economic growth.

2, Nigeria. Vitality index: 40.2 biggest weakness: Nigeria has the world’s worst business environment. The high youth unemployment rate and the high risk business environment are more important for the enterprise than the young labor and energy resources.

1, venezuela. Vitality index: 37.4 the biggest weakness: Venezuela has the worst technology environment and the worst business environment in second. High inflation, lower R & D spending and a hostile business environment have made Venezuela the bottom of the list.

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