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Before joining the brand ask yourself these 5 questions

most entrepreneurs are most concerned about the issue of venture capital, when the funds to solve the problem, followed by the need to determine the entrepreneurial project. Before choosing a brand to join, entrepreneurs should ask yourself a few questions. Ask yourself a few more questions before choosing" Will be better than the choice of "how can this be?"

The location

matching with local brandsA lot of men’s clothing brand

if the local consumption level cannot be compared with the economically developed regions, so it cannot be blindly introduce high priced clothing; if the shop around to open a lot of home leisure men’s clothing brand, the competition is very fierce, so can dislocation management, targeting in business men or men’s fashion, the effect will be better.

before deciding to join the brand, should ask yourself a few questions: how much is the local acceptable price? Want to join the brand style is the public leisure, business or fashion? What are the special preferences of local consumers in the purchase of clothing? How much is the plan?

the target brand narrowed to a certain extent, are likely to have several candidates of the brand, then according to the items mentioned behind us a screening.

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