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Chengdu Youth League to support young entrepreneurs

some social young entrepreneurs have become the main force, the whole business at the same time, in order to better promote the people around the entire business activities, a lot of measures taken to promote social entrepreneurship.

Qingyang party secretary Gu Jing recently inspected Qingyang innovation demonstration enterprise in Chengdu science and Technology Co., Ltd. was founded to preserve one’s health tea creative Chashe, currently the State encourages public entrepreneurship, innovation, the key in youth, how to focus on policy focus and focus on development of youth services, solve the youth employment problem has become the core of the work of the Communist Youth League of Qingyang district.

the Communist Youth League Committee of Qingyang in the area to promote entrepreneurship, innovation practice at the same time, to guide high-quality enterprises to go. The Communist Youth League Committee of Qingyang to strengthen and guide the development of innovative and high quality enterprises, invite domestic first-class consulting team, venture capital institutions management team on the area of entrepreneurial projects and innovation of enterprises, enhance the training for professional resources docking, speed up its own development but also promote the enterprise to a broader stage. Currently, Qingyang District, the Communist Youth League to lead innovative enterprises to actively integrate into the Chengdu municipal entrepreneurship incubator fist platform".

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