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  • After 80 small husband and wife to start selling overnight powder annual income of 500 thousand

After 80 small husband and wife to start selling overnight powder annual income of 500 thousand

there are a lot of people thought of their own business to open a store, but do not know what to choose a good project, Xiaobian business then the snacks industry should not be wrong, snacks generally cost is not high, there is a big profit space, it does not have of a young couple on their own business selling overnight powder. Now the business is hot, 500 thousand a month income!

after 80 couples entrepreneurship

not afraid to open all night powder

"pink brother, give me a bowl of flour, plus an oil dry." 25 am, Nanchong City People’s road, a powder museum is still brightly lit, come to eat the meal of patrons flocked. This is a night powder Museum, the boss is the 80 after the couple Huang Shaohao and Lin wei. As the couple warm, talkative, and many diners have become good friends, we are accustomed to call them affectionately pink brother, sister-in-law.

at this time, Lin Wei is the rest of the pink Pavilion in the attic, Huang Shaohao with the attendant in the store. "Wife rest too long, for a while to get up with the smell of urine." Huang Shaohao smiled and said, at the beginning, when they heard that they are ready to open all night powder Museum, many friends and family have exhorted them: "open the museum on the hard work, not to mention the night powder Museum, you can think clearly!" However, they still have no choice but to choose the path of entrepreneurship.

"young man, afraid of what hard! As long as we couple together, will make up the business, everything is worth paying." Huang Shaohao said that this is his wife Lin Wei had answered all the people, so he was very moved.

taste Nanchong rice noodles

pink sister-in-law took three days to grind the hands of cocoon

Huang was born in Guangdong in 1985, he was in Shaoguan, he worked in the telecommunications industry. Because of work reasons, he met the smart and capable Nanchong girl Lin Wei. Two people soon fell in love and married, in 2010, Huang Shaohao with his wife came to Nanchong venture.

vegetable wholesale, clothing sales, auto parts brand agent…… Husband and wife two people together to explore the road of entrepreneurship, but only engage in vegetable wholesale that year, earned $one hundred thousand." Huang Shaohao said, remember the time, they are also everyday to purchase goods, very hard. Later, relatives suggested that the partnership to open powder Museum, they have been discussed, decided to try.

"at the beginning, we opened the partnership in the fruit mountain park, and later my wife and I went out to open shop, have been transferred to the west gate dam street, the people of South road." Huang Shaohao said, in order to learn technology, he and Lin Wei Chibian Nanchong small powder Museum, the Nanchong museum also learn all the powder. "Take powder three days, his wife’s right hand fingers were frayed skin, and gave birth to a very thick cocoon." Huang Shaohao said Lin Wei has been recommended


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