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Explore the reasons behind the adorable face fire

in the circle of friends, micro-blog and other kinds of social media, there is a face adorable cartoon image is visible, covering almost the entire social network, causes concern. Face Meng suddenly fire, which is what reason? Let’s see what happens.

"adorable face" why suddenly so fire? This venture capital to the creative team behind the call. CEO Guo answer more humorous column: adorable face did not do any promotion in a situation can be so hot, 80% of the reason is the lucky 20%, the reason is that a group of witty teenager, the boss has long been forced to work overtime.

adorable face is 89 years Guo led a bunch of 90 founder of the team, in the speed with hurdles running a marathon, update the mobile Internet Co products every week. In the face of this year’s time has not been warm meng. The reason why suddenly detonated social networks, actually that many times the user needs to know is frequently updated, particularly in major changes in the last two, just hit the user needs. Even Guo himself feel more and more fun face Meng, once it is difficult to stop playing.

in two major update in May 16th, May 31st, on the basis of face adorable cartoon image of custom, increasing the variety of templates, such as hair color, skin color, let the real cartoon with a higher degree of approximation elements. Secondly, increase the expression, bubbles and other elements, so that the cartoon expression and text content more humorous, better performance of the player’s personality. In the future, the product will add more social elements, strengthen interaction between friends.



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