Honesty is the best shop management skills

how can we make the shop business more popular? How can we do a good job? This is a problem that many people are troubled by. While others have their own view, which is to adhere to honest business. Relatives of both husband and wife after being laid off in order to make a living, opened a small shop in the west end of the county comprehensive, mainly engaged in tobacco and some daily necessities etc.. They have a name for their little shop: honest shop.

two couples will respect the summer to winter and go, "honest" business philosophy, painstakingly built their own shop. A few years to take care of the shop. Sometimes, I will go to the store. The continuous customers and their busy figure, showing the small shop flourishing. Easy come down, I ask him, "in such a relatively remote location, you are using what method to make people so prosperous?" Relatives smiled and said, "no way, I am two words, honest. With sincerity, sincere hospitality."

relatives told me two things. Once, a middle-aged woman holding a rice cooker walked into the store, said to relatives with difficulty, "my broken rice cooker. But I can’t buy the pot in your shop. Can you fix it for me?" A middle-aged woman’s face. Relatives smiled and said, "no problem, I’ll show you." Relatives deftly put the pot apart, with a universal meter measuring, no electricity. Relatives and carey check the joint and found a spot welding. Relatives quickly welded with a gun, the pot to middle-aged women.

middle-aged woman said thank you, while out to pay. Relatives said, did not change anything, not money. The middle-aged woman Leng, relatives said, "I bought an electric more than a year, to find a few maintenance points are said to change, to spend twenty yuan. Did not expect in your store, a penny spent on the repair. You’re a good man. Thank you." With that, the middle-aged woman walked happily.

listen to him finish, I puzzled to ask: "you are busy for more than half an hour, close to three pieces of the two is not too, and not from your store to buy the pot, why don’t you collect money?" Relative simple and honest smile: "I idle is idle, can help help, who have difficulties. Since then, the middle-aged woman has become a frequent visitor to the store, and also introduced the neighbors to the store. The middle-aged woman who introduced the customer is a fixed customer in my store."

relative to author about another thing: a pair of fifty years picking up old every day, after his shop. Tired, in the distance he Shop Street sitting on the side of the road of parked their tattered tricycle. That day, the winter solstice. They sat resting place, picked up a big burden, is falling from a car like home small traders on the tricycle. In order to wait for the owner, the two old man has been picking up on the side of the road.


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