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Guangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau to intensify environmental control let the blue sky back t

many people know, the blue sky is people every day to see the phenomenon, in order to people’s health, Guangzhou stepped up efforts to solve environment, to let the blue sky in Guangzhou to see the public circle of friends. Prime minister in the government work report, this year, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides emissions should be reduced by 3%, key areas of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) concentration decreased significantly.

VOCs has a variety of negative effects on human health, it is easy to cause acute poisoning when its concentration is too high. It is understood that this year, Guangzhou will promote volatile organic compounds (VOCs) pollution prevention and control, organization and implementation of VOCs prevention and treatment programs, establish and improve the municipal VOCs key regulatory companies list.

specific goal is comprehensive improvement of key municipal supervision of enterprises 60% VOCs provincial key regulatory enterprise and VOCs emissions in 500 tons, promote the comprehensive improvement of motor vehicle maintenance enterprises and 545 gas station, oil storage oil and gas recovery assessment and rectification work, promote the pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises focus on the application of leak detection and repair technology. And continue to promote the use of the surface coating industry with low VOCs content coatings.

"there are 545 gas stations in Guangzhou, and the air around the stations is filled with gaseous fuel. We are starting to recycle these gaseous fuels to reduce VOCs emissions." In this interview, the Guangzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, said Liu yang.

in addition to gas stations, Guangzhou is also a large number of small and large enterprises, these enterprises will produce VOCs emissions. Because of the large number of enterprises, but also widely distributed, it is difficult to unify the decentralized state regulation, relative to the ultra clean emissions of coal-fired units, the control of these companies more difficult VOCs emissions.

in fact, the Guangzhou environmental monitoring center station has been at the end of last year, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou Institute of geochemistry, the city part of the typical atmospheric pollution emissions source emissions factor test. There are many sources of pollutants in the air.

Yang said that the Guangzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau has been controlled from the source, in VOC (VOC) emissions control of coal-fired units, ultra clean emissions, the construction site and road dust, eliminated yellow car etc. efforts unabated.

is the public comment "restrictions on high pollution cars in the city is the city of Guangzhou to" notice, forbidden line emission vehicles for coal-fired units; ultra clean emissions and suspend the rectification of the 50 coal-fired boilers, 600 Taiwan biomass briquette boiler supervision will be strengthened in this year.

accompanied by the blue sky and white clouds, people’s lives become more beautiful, worthy of attention. Guangzhou relevant departments need to complete drinking water recommended


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