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Shanghai medical support combined with open innovation model


years, the cold air once again swept the earth, let people feel the chill, but in Shanghai Changning District Yi Xiandi two home is warm, festive atmosphere in the old man’s face filled with, bring a feeling of happiness to the people, let people feel happy, all the elderly health.

CPC Changning District Committee, United Front Work Department, Chen Zhiqi, the scene and the elderly who pulled a homely, concerned about the exhortations, eager to let the old people feel the warmth of the big family. Chen Zhiqi said, is Chinese traditional virtue of respecting the old love, always help the common responsibility of the whole society. Changning District took the lead in promoting people’s livelihood + science and technology wisdom pension construction, explore the pension service package system to promote the integration of home, community, institutional pension services development.

old man Jiang Zhiping was very happy today, pulling the UCB and Chinese ring operations should Li came to her room in the Pacific, took a photo, talking about children and their grandchildren, the elderly face warm smile.

way Lai said, when the best ratio and Chinese Red Cross Society Development Center set up a "special fund" healthy development in 2013, in Beijing, Chengde to carry out the training of the nursing staff, nursing Dean, three years has funded 774 rural doctors, revolutionary pension institutions management personnel 732, 742 of nursing staff name. In the 20 years of entering the Chinese market, gifted than in epilepsy, anemia, anti allergy, pain and other diseases of the immune system in the field, for a total of about 5000000 Chinese patients to help.

as the Changning District medical support combined with the first pilot institutions, by the end of 2012, second homes for the establishment of Yixian Wenjie aged nursing hospital, Department of health has been practicing license, and incorporated into the city health insurance designated hospitals. Nursing homes and nursing homes under one roof, where the elderly, first received comprehensive health assessment, health stable elderly directly into nursing homes; once the old condition changes, can be mutual referral in hospital and nursing homes for the elderly between.

A combination of

medicine, so that more elderly people to see in the future, they will live more happily, let more doctors into thousands of households, help them remove sickness worries, brings hope to the people, let people really feel a sense of security, always has the profound meaning of this sentence.

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