What conditions do join the coffee crop

wheat field coffee? Nowadays, the market of young people, always very hungry with business opportunities. Like open their own wheat field coffee shop, the market is very good business opportunities. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very wise choice, the choice is not trustworthy?

crop from Taiwan coffee crop "Western-style food brand, the brand in 80s initial hit the island of Taiwan, mainly engaged in Western-style food, meals and coffee printing business, has 25 years of operating history, the beginning of this century, landing the mainland market, in 2002 the" romantic city "of Zhuhai established the first crop coffee restaurant and, the establishment of the management company in Zhuhai in 2005. At the beginning of the establishment of the company to promote the coffee culture, and promote local economic development for the people, the company after three years of development, franchising industry has achieved great development, its development to join several stores to obtain robust, rapid growth in 08 years, chain stores distribution of provinces and cities, more than 30 of the franchise stores the public, employing more than one thousand people, wheat coffee in sustainable development, stick to the path of development scale and group, provide the people-oriented spirit, uphold the tenet of talent training, sincerity, practice, innovation, efficiency, adhere to the quality of the institutionalization, standardization and scientific and service first, profit second of the business philosophy, forge ahead, and gradually formed a highly efficient, inclusive, cooperative business skilled professional team, a set of scientific and standardized, The mode of franchise mode, and the positive international standards, ready to high-quality products, first-class service, noble occupation morality to meet the needs of customers and the owners of the franchise, to create a beautiful and brilliant tomorrow in coffee.

field coffee join conditions?

a agree with the coffee brand culture, has a good sense of investment psychology

b keen to expand the coffee industry and the spread of coffee culture

c has the preliminary management ability, has the preliminary understanding to the coffee industry;

d has a certain financial strength, pragmatic and serious career attitude

e has a preliminary marketing sense, good reputation, certain business experience

f recognition of the headquarters of the business philosophy, management model, subject to the unified management of China’s headquarters


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