Our organization system for the examination

Xining city organization system adhere to the three three real strict requirements throughout the whole process of the work of the organization, in the most seriously the spirit of promoting the implementation of the work. Recently, the Party Organization Department set up 4 special inspection teams, the county municipal Party committee in-depth, and part of the township and village (community), supervision on the implementation of the organization work points. This does not say hello, do not listen to the report, field view of the way of supervision, grassroots cadres called "diagnostic test", specific action into practice the three three real strict.

strictly from real problem, change the style, to prevent the "fly". In order to ensure the focus, test quasi real test, before the inspection by the business offices according to the "CPC Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department 2015 organization working point", combined with daily to grasp the situation, to tease out the grassroots organizations and Party members, cadres education management, training of cadres, cadres, personnel supervision team, Party building on 7 aspects, 47 inspection key points of scientific development, inspection rules. At the same time, adhere to the supervision and investigation work closely together, discover the existing problems in the grass-roots party construction work, anatomy, micro topic research, analysis of common problems and gaps and grassroots cadres, promote problem solving. Good practice, good experience, new ideas and new ideas for the supervision and inspection work, timely combing summary.

strictly find gaps, from the real implementation, to prevent the superficial". In order to ensure the first-hand information, the real situation, the three three real strict throughout each link, adhere to the "strictness", each member is considered from the "real" requirements, do not listen to reports, discussion, but to do the whole inspection notes; requirements without warning, random visits, but the front line field view; random questions, random checks of relevant information, but also to prevent a heart go interview conversation, part of the basic units of assault makeup, remember the key inspection is to touch the truth, hear the truth, the real fight is the first to supervise the work of the implementation of. Centralized supervision after the end of the business offices of each department to conduct a comprehensive inspection summary, comparison to the minister’s office conducted a special report, take specific measures for improvement, and track inspection arrangement. Through the "strict supervision practice", further to find out the district Party committee organization to promote the work, found the problems and strengthen the work measures, in order to better fulfill the organization work of the key tasks in 2015 has laid a good foundation.  


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