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Grid library railway through the preliminary design review

November 19th -22, China Railway Company Identification Center in Beijing organized a new preliminary design review will be Golmud to Korla railway, the preliminary design review by the mark of our province during 12th Five-Year and a major transport infrastructure projects to be implemented.
it is reported that after the feasibility study report of Golmud to Korla railway has been officially approved by the national development and reform commission. According to the plan, our province plans to start the construction of grid library will be open to traffic synchronous railway projects and new high-speed lan. The construction of the project will provide transportation support to the economic and social development in our province, the formation of a new pattern of Xinjiang new channel, to further improve the regional road network layout, enhance the flexibility of the regional road network, promoting the development of land resources along and consolidate national defense, promote the further economic development of Xinjiang province and has an important role.



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