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Clean up the development of ideas and promote the construction of New Countryside

Baoziwan town

according to the new rural construction based on the objectives and requirements, solicit the opinions of the masses, conscientiously sum up the successful experience of the past work, clarify the development of ideas, through a typical demonstration and the overall advancement of the combination, and promote the new rural construction of the town.
this year, I assume, Zhu Zhen Zhu south north, Wangjiazai 7 new rural village construction tasks, the main content of the construction of a village renovation, installation of solar street lighting, village venues renovation, renovation and construction of cable TV kindergarten five. Bear since late May village construction tasks are determined, the village two committees team to positive action, the organization of personnel construction, at present, has started construction of the village of South, north, Zhu Zhu, Wang Jiazhai, Zhai B the Tao Nan, can implement the program in accordance with the project in the construction of all requirements, good work schedule and quality, to ensure the quality and quantity of the completion of the project schedule.
(Zhu Nancun, Wu Zhongcun, the old village renovation of the village B content) install the garbage box 300; demolition of the old wall of 70 meters, 70 meters of new brick, stucco wall 2850 square meters; the installation of solar street lighting (Wang Village, B, Tao Nan village, the village Baoziwan Village) 52 village activities; a (Zhu Nancun), 30 1400 square meters; the transformation of cable TV (Zhu Beicun), the erection of main line line 6000 meters, 7500 meters and other ancillary equipment; a new kindergarten (b the village 4 houses), 80 square meters and other ancillary equipment. The total investment of 2 million 171 thousand and 180 yuan, of which a higher capital of $760 thousand, Haruki self financing of $1 million 411 thousand and 180.



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