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Municipal Health Bureau to carry out serious plague prevention and control during the holiday to ens

two period is the peak period of migrant workers returning home for the holidays, in order to prevent the occurrence of imported human plague outbreak, to ensure social stability and the safety of people’s lives in the city. Recently, the Municipal Health Bureau, CDC professionals, in accordance with the "measures focus on key disease prevention and control, focusing on key areas of prevention, focus groups focus on propaganda", to listen to reports, access to information and field view of combination of the city’s districts and counties in the prevention work of supervision and inspection.
from the supervision situation, one is the degree of attention have strengthened the plague prevention and control work, especially arduous, three county government agencies and health departments to fully understand the plague prevention and control work in the long-term and complexity, earnestly implement the rodent control of leadership responsibilities; two had set up a rat anti emergency team, equipped with the emergency supplies and corresponding equipment; three is to give full play to the county, township and village three epidemic network, network monitoring system to ensure smooth implementation of the plague epidemic, the daily report of "zero" and 24 hour duty system and the leadership class system; four is to increase the basic medical staff in anti knowledge training, Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan three counties County rat prevention training class 12 period, the 114 training courses, training staff of 3600 people; the five is to carry out various forms, rich contents of plague prevention knowledge propaganda Transfer activities 32 times, issuing leaflets, all kinds of rat anti knowledge booklet for more than 40000 copies, the education of the masses of up to 100 thousand people, create a comprehensive national awareness of prevention and control; six is the input of human plague monitoring from May to October, to further improve the migrant workers returning home and staff survey management system, especially to strengthen the prediction of the epidemic early warning key key towns, villages, to ensure that if the epidemic, prevention and control work done early, fast, strict, accurate, to prevent the spread of the disease. As of September 25th, the cumulative


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