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Lake Race third stage mountain climbing strength test planes in ran lake.

the yellow jersey winner was the code in

July 9th, Twelfth barley wine tianyoude Cup tour de Qinghai Lake international road cycling race, starting from Guide clear shore of the Yellow River, all the way to the west, across the green grassland, through the rain and fog shrouded mountains, the sky in Lake Qinghai ended the third stage of the competition. Lake Race rivals Iran Tabriz Petrochemical team debuts, Zhongche team was hand code and Amir shuangxingshanyao won the tournament crown, runner up section.

after the start of the wind to help force, large group to 60-65 km / h speeding, the players lined up into a long queue, and actively compete for the first sprint points integral. The Swiss Atlas jakroo team driver Bram Bela first grab points. But this is only the stage of the prelude, is located in 54.88 km altitude of 3757 meters of climbing grade is the real theme of the game today. With the rise of the slope, the difficulty of the game will also increase, players have fallen behind. After entering the mountains, fog and rain began to make things difficult for drivers. At this time, Iran can grow in the climbing Tabriz Petrochemical team began to get angry, the team was the number 67 driver code and No. 65 Amir fought out in large groups, continue to expand the lead, once leading a large group of 6 minutes and 30 seconds. 3757 meters of the top of the thick fog, more exciting play. Amir and his code through climbing after not slowing down, a strong wind, they drive at full speed. The rear face of 12 people to catch up, and Amir was the code still has 2 points ahead of 25 seconds. Finally, after the team failed to form a large group of 39 people. Until before the end point of 3 km, a leading group of 2 people still retain 1 minutes and 07 seconds, a winner. The final was the code of 3 hours 52 minutes and 40 seconds to get a single station champion and teammate Amir ranked second at the same time. China city zorbit Oswald riders Jiao Pengda ranked twenty-second, is the best.

with the color of the performance, Mischa code won the yellow jersey and the best asian blue shirt. The green shirt and polka dot Jersey sprint climbing is not easy to master by the Spanish team Burgos Lewis · Maas and Ukraine’s Hossain · Amor Vita Alizadeh. (author: Zhang Zhizhong)




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