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County Economic Work Conference held in the city

November 11th, the county economic development work conference held. Provincial Party Secretary, party secretary Wang Jianjun attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. Wang Jianjun stressed that to understand the situation, grasp the key, mustering jingqishen, strong industrial county concept, accelerate the development of county economy, and constantly create a new situation of county economic development, to build a well-off society and make new contributions. Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Deputy Secretary Su Rong presided over the meeting. City leaders Zou Jiansheng, Li Jinqing, and Ma Haiying sat on the rostrum. Municipal Committee, deputy mayor of the city government also attended the meeting. Wang Jianjun pointed out that the comprehensive construction of a well-off society, focusing on the county economy, the county’s development of the city, there are achievements, gaps, advantages. Maintain performance, narrow the gap, enlarge the advantages, the county economy can enter a period of rapid growth. "Strong county to city," walking on two legs to go steady. To comply with the law of development, grasp the development trend, gather consensus on development, to build the well-off county as the main body, and actively promote the comprehensive deepening reform, continue to stimulate the endogenous driving force of economic development, promote the county economy development, quality, quantity per capita are synchronous lifting. Wang Jianjun stressed that the focus of the county’s economic development is our focus, to achieve breakthroughs in four areas. First, to develop the park economy. Focus on planning, infrastructure construction and investment work. Two to do land articles. For the use of national and provincial land targets, to maximize the economic indicators of their own land. To do a good job in the overall planning of land use three counties, according to the need to constantly adjust and improve. To improve the efficiency of land use, the limited resources to ensure that large projects, good projects. Three to crack the construction of short board. Planning as a leader to guide the construction of new urbanization. In the capital to strive for the project, to the bank for loans to attract investment to the community, to further play a good role in the city and county financing platform to break through the constraints of funds. Three cities in the city management to learn from the District of the same line, starting from the environmental sanitation order in the town of fine management efforts on the four. Four to enhance the ability to serve the city. Set up a low-carbon, recycling and green concept, the landscape, air, vegetation as an important ecological resource management, so that the county into the city’s beautiful garden, clean water and fresh oxygen bar". The agricultural demonstration area bigger and stronger to do good, and actively cultivate professional cooperatives of agriculture and animal husbandry, to provide more green organic products. Relying on the superior ecological environment resources, do the work of leisure. Wang Jianjun finally stressed that the current rare opportunity to accelerate the development of the county, the revitalization of the county economy at the right time. We are mustering the spirit, as the initiative to face the challenges to actively prepare for, calmly facing the opportunities; can plan ahead, take the initiative to undertake, give full play to the spirit of initiative and innovation, with main energy development and implementation. To have confidence in the development method of linkage and catch up with the courage and reform measures, the courage to play, the courage to tough, do solid work, and constantly create a new situation of the development of the county, to build a well-off society and make new contributions. Wang Yubo pointed out in his speech, to understand the gap and enhance the sense of urgency to accelerate the development of county economy. Whole city;


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