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Hao Peng presided over the quality of the work of the meeting stressed the need to lay a solid found

recently, governor Hao Peng presided over the meeting, listen to the province’s quality work report on the full implementation of the strategy of strengthening the quality of the province, the deployment of the province’s quality work. Hao Peng stressed the need to promote the development of quality as the supply side structural reform important support, vigorously reinforce the quality of technical basis, to enhance the product, engineering, environment, service quality four, and strive to create quality in Qinghai".

Hao Peng pointed out that in recent years, the provincial government to seriously implement the relevant national quality work arrangements and requirements, improve the quality of policy system, deepen reform and innovation quality, the quality level of development steadily, increasing brand driven strategy, and constantly improve the quality of the work system, the quality of governance pattern formed, showing continued development of quality the situation, provide quality foundation and solid technical support for the province’s economic and social development. However, there are still some problems, such as the poor quality consciousness, the overall quality level is not high, the weak foundation of quality development, and so on.

Hao Peng stressed that quality is the basis for development, career oriented, the transformation of the. To thoroughly implement the new concept of development, to the quality of development throughout the whole process of economic and social development, strengthening metrology, standards, certification, inspection and testing of the four quality technology base, construction of "management services governance" four in one quality of new pattern, promoting products, engineering, environment, service quality four. To promote the province’s quality development to a new level, improve the quality and efficiency of the supply system, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, hedge downtown pressure on the economy, promote the sustained and healthy development of economy.

Hao Peng stressed that to adhere to the unity of goal oriented and problem oriented, green energy, new materials, equipment manufacturing, biological characteristics of industry, agriculture and animal husbandry and the main consumer goods as the focus, to carry out additional varieties, provided quality, brand, enhance the quality of products, to create a number of well-known brands, growing characteristics and advantages the competitiveness of the industry; to major infrastructure, resources, energy, transportation, water conservancy, communications engineering project construction as the starting point, to enhance the project lifecycle quality management level, enhance the quality of the project; to adhere to environmental management and ecological protection coordination, the all-round implementation of water, air and soil pollution prevention action plan energy management, strengthen and standardize the various fields, to enhance the quality of the environment, accelerate the construction of green energy demonstration province; to improve the coverage of tourism, Transportation, telecommunications, finance, insurance, commerce, health care and other major service industry standard system, improve service quality, improve the satisfaction of the masses.

Hao Peng stressed that it is necessary to strengthen the quality of infrastructure construction, improve the quality of the responsibility system, improve the quality of the construction supervision system, technical support system, the establishment of quality system of governance, strengthen the quality and safety supervision, the implementation of quality risk management, efforts to promote the new level of quality of work up, better service and promote the province’s economic and social development.



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