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6 cultural feast took turns to take the show to go to Qinghai Grand Theater

Next Tuesday, is located in the Qinghai Lake New Area of the Grand Theatre will be looking forward to the appearance of China Li, try to perform business!

according to the Qinghai Grand Theater responsible person, auditions will begin from August 28th to the end of September 10th, 6 colorful performances will take turns on stage. Perhaps you can think, this level of performance will be very high price, in order to allow more viewers can walk into the theater, the Qinghai theater launched a special ticket every 300 Huimin, 10 yuan cheap tickets let people enjoy the international level of the elegant art at home can.

Qinghai grand theatre with a total construction area of 30503 square meters, can accommodate up to 2500 people to watch the show. Qinghai Grand Theater stage lighting system used in the design of the network lighting control system is currently the most advanced lighting control system, in accordance with the standard installation of high-end theater. Advanced stage equipment, large-scale production facilities, first-class lighting, sound equipment, lifting stage and scenery. August 28th Premiere of the red classic ballet "white haired girl" not only the use of foreign ballet elements, but also absorbed a large number of folk dance, traditional opera and martial arts and other materials, the combination of reality and romance. To retain the original music in the song "the north wind" "red ribbon" and other elements, but also absorbed a lot of Hebei opera, Shanxi opera as the material, the orchestra and the national musical instrument combining form, the ballet rich in distinctive national style and the rich flavor of life, so that the majority of the audience enjoy a traditional charm at the same time, also can feel the new performance in the form of double enjoyment given new connotation of traditional culture. Qinghai Grand Theatre hopes to play this repertoire can make the old audience looking back on the past, but also to bring more young viewers a enduring historical story, a good life and the infinite yearning for love. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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Qinghai Grand Theatre repertoire

1 Shanghai ballet "white haired girl" performance time: August 28th 19:30, 19:30


2 Shanghai National Orchestra "southeast northwest wind" performance time: September 3rd 19:30

3 Shanghai opera "Carmen" performance time: September 5th 19:30

4 Shanghai chorus "the Yellow River" show time: September 6th 19:30

5 Shanghai Symphony Orchestra "Butterfly Lovers" performance time: September 10th 19:30 Tel: 7329988



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