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Strengthen site management to accept the city inspection

September 5th, the North City Construction Bureau to continue to increase the city’s assessment of the construction area to meet the safety and civilized production, construction environment and other inspection work.
in order to ensure that the area of each construction site supervision oversight, in accordance with the meticulous management work requirements, the North District Construction Bureau to deploy some staff, composed of 3 inspection groups a total of 15 people, respectively, to prick along the road, Chaoyang, along the bridge street and Nanjing Road along the construction site to prevent the environment, all day long to supervise the construction units to maintain the site entrance clean, set the hard cover according to the requirements, no construction waste soil, scattered construction waste, no huddle material at the same time, timely repair damaged fence, achieve beautification lighting standards.
through continuous supervision and inspection, the construction unit area environment have been greatly improved, the construction site clean and orderly environment, create a good environment for a city.



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