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Xining great efforts to control air pollution to create a good living environment

This fall, Xining city to strengthen the supervision and control of construction dust, mobile source pollution accelerate the pace of governance, deepening the soot pollution prevention and control of industrial pollution source and a series of effective measures to improve regional air quality, to create a good living environment.

in September to November for a period of two months, the establishment of a joint inspection of law enforcement regulation mechanism of multi departments of Xining City, organized the construction dust remediation, winter coal dust, straw Jinshao and other special rectification work leaves. The Lake District, South Beach Garden mountain area, Toba surrounding areas, Ganhe Industrial Park West, the transformation of the Xining Railway Station and Airport Industrial Park area development construction Haidong area, take Weidang, road hardening, ground compaction or temporary greening bare surface area, covering construction waste, waste, construction site dust sprinkler and case special weather stop construction and demolition, slag removal and other effective measures to reduce dust pollution. Implementation of motor vehicles, yellow and green standard management, the delineation of the city’s central area of the 22 main roads for the forbidden area, increase vehicle exhaust detection, standardize the management of motor vehicle exhaust pollution. Through the demolition, dust transformation, coal to gas and other measures to control the transformation of urban coal combustion boiler. The implementation of the Xining special steel smoke (powder) dust, desulfurization, Qinghai Huadian, bridge, North Ning electric power plant desulfurization and a number of key pollution control projects, and key enterprises in the installation of on-line automatic monitoring equipment, real-time monitoring of the enterprise pollution facilities in operation. Increase the elimination of backward production capacity, guide enterprises to focus on the park. In catering service units to promote clean energy, installation of high efficiency fume purification facilities. Green space in the urban areas should be green to improve urban air purification capacity, etc..  


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