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West District of Xining city in 2013 publicity activities start

September 14th, the theme of the protection of the ecological environment, building a beautiful China, the West District of Xining city in 2013 science popularization Week activities in the provincial capital sunning Plaza opened the curtain.

, the popular science propaganda week of activities organized by the Xining Municipal Science and Technology Association and the West District People’s government, science and Technology Association West District contractors, through science and education activities in various forms, with theatrical performances, prize quiz, distributing promotional materials and other forms of popular science, universal ecological environment knowledge, raise public awareness of environmental protection, promoting the construction of ecological civilization, to promote the vigorous development of the west area of science work.

on the day of sunning Plaza, crowded. With the melodious music sounded, theatrical performances opened the curtain of activities. The dancers for the audience show "Shaman" Erhan "revival" dance, the excellent performance won warm applause from the audience. In the science prize knowledge quiz session, the audience around the host’s questions, use their brains, positive answer, the atmosphere of the event to the climax. The Advisory desk placed beautifully printed, covering the thunder and lightning defense, climate change, meteorological laws and regulations, such as more than one thousand copies of meteorological science propaganda materials, less than half an hour was a grab and empty.

a total of 23 units on the day, more than 5000 people participated in the city of science activities organized by the Western District publicity week. The activity has inspired the masses to love science, science and enthusiasm of science.

West District Association according to the relevant person in charge, in recent years, the west region through a variety of public entertainment activities, vigorously popularize scientific knowledge, spread scientific thought, advocate science and civilization, promote scientific spirit, scientific ethics, the west area of science, love science, science, science is a good social atmosphere, West District will continue to carry out propaganda activities, and constantly promote the scientific quality of the public to improve. (author: Wu Yachun)


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