Six rectification Huangyuan gorgeous turn

Recently, Huangyuan county to carry out six environmental remediation actions to promote the county, rural environmental health look new.

it is reported that six remediation actions include: to carry out special rectification of the market, the main market area renovation in the county, improve market infrastructure, market regulation and perimeter security, health, advertising environment and order, put an end to the market street in the county traffic obstruction". The appearance of the city to carry out special rectification, joint law enforcement, focusing on remediation appearance of chaos phenomenon, ban street market Jeeves, city road vehicle stop chaos chaotic pendulum, agricultural vehicles, illegal operation of the unified standard of snack stalls. To carry out the food hygiene and the "five small" industries of special rectification, dragnet inspection of the catering industry, focusing on the "five small" industries concentrated rectification. To carry out special rectification of health education, focusing on schools, hospitals, community health education activities, with small hands to guide the public to establish a good civilized behavior and moral fashion. To carry out special rectification of the city infrastructure construction, combined with the progress of the "micro urban construction project, continue to strengthen public service facilities construction projects, strengthen law enforcement and public facilities management, found a control one, a damage repair piece, do not stay dead. Carry out along the national highway, tourist attractions and the surrounding environment special rectification, especially in the remediation area eight chaos phenomenon as the focus. At present, the State Highway and the surrounding environment, such as the ancient city of Dan in the overall environment and service quality significantly improve, maintain environmental hygiene awareness has become a common practice.



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