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With an established topic in-depth investigation

Recently, the city held a week-long "construction seminar, by strengthening the theoretical study, carry out seminars, combing the existing problems, research solutions, promote the" three basic "continue to carry out the work.

thematic counseling to enhance the theoretical level and ability to work analysis. The seminar invited provincial Party School professor Zhang Zuoliang on strengthening the construction of administrative efficiency of seminars, provincial Party Committee Organization Department of the deputy director Feng Tianxi on the interpretation of the "Three Basics" work. Through the thematic counseling, to promote students in the ideological understanding, theoretical level, depth analysis to be greatly improved.

carry out research with an established subject to the grassroots level. Adhere to the "problem oriented", all participants into 7 research groups, focus on building the rural grassroots party organizations, Service-oriented Township cecgb, cadres general ability ", take the" tailored "approach, each group is assigned a research topic, let the students with the subject, with a purpose, led the task into the County, township, rural communities, institutions, enterprises, etc., through listening, watching, ask, carefully combing" lay a solid grassroots organization, strengthen the basic work to enhance the basic ability of "existing prominent problems and puts forward the measures to solve the problem.

learn to observe typical practices and features highlights. In order to show the city’s "construction achievements, learning from the parts and units of the typical practices and features highlights, all the students went to Xining Rural Commercial Service Center organized the Party committee and the municipal government administrative service hall to observe, to enable students to broaden the thinking and increase of knowledge.

"To explore the path and method of base construction of

. Each group according to the on-the-spot investigation, combined with teaching and learning to observe the situation, established around the topic, speak freely, work together, a comprehensive summary, carding, carefully discusses how to promote the path and method of base construction, put forward ideas and suggestions to the 76, and the formation of the seminar materials.



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