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Starting next month, four types of drivers need to receive education

In order to further improve the occupation skills of road transport drivers and occupation morals level, the update of the various forms of education and their knowledge and skills, strengthen and promote road transport pilot city continuing education, and constantly improve the level of scientific development of road transportation industry in our city, reduce the "killer road", according to the State Department of transportation issued "road transport pilot continuing education measures" provisions, since July 1st, the city engaged in road passenger and freight transport, transport of dangerous chemicals, four guards of road transport drivers need to specify the driving school to accept continuing education training, training of qualified posts can be. In addition, I use road transport qualification certificate for six years will soon expire, this kind of road transport drivers must also participate in continuing education before they can apply for a new card.

[continuing education training]

it is reported that, according to the unified deployment of the provincial transportation department, the provincial transportation authority, who enroll in our city, and issued the "People’s Republic of China Xining city yunguanchu road transport personnel qualification certificate" of the management of road passenger transport (goods) driver, road dangerous goods transport pilot since July 1st, according to the provisions to have the qualification of the driving school to participate in continuing education and training.

· training time: continuing education period for two years, the implementation of the network teaching and teaching centralized training combine examination training form, road transport drivers need to complete 24 hours of distance learning courses.

· training institutions: the city has a total of 6 furniture qualification certificate of driving school, driving school, driving school Qingyun respectively will, driving, traffic, driving all the supplies of the driving school and Huangzhong school.

· training fee according to the cost estimates, reported to the municipal development and Reform Commission approval of the original price for every 280 yuan per person, but this year as the first year of renewal, 6 driving of continuing education expenses concessions, the final price of every 258 yuan per person (including materials, time card fees, fee etc.).

· punishment measures: to participate in continuing education and training of the road transport driver, road transport management institution will blacklist, lock files, not for the transfer of membership transfer procedures, and to the public; road transport pilot qualification documents within its validity period, failing to complete the continuing education, will not be apply for credit assessment and replacement procedures.

[expiry date]

·: the scope of the replacement: where the People’s Republic of China since January 2008 issued by the "road transport practitioners qualification certificate" expired, are the scope of this replacement.

· replacement requirements: the first designated driving school to participate in continuing education and training, the results can be replaced after passing.

addition, engaged in the taxi passenger transport industry of our city road transport drivers will also be in the future and gradually accept the continuing education and training for the new road qualification certificate.



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