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Xining Second People’s Hospital in the province’s first mobile ward mode

days ago, Second People’s Hospital of Xining City, the successful implementation of the "mobile rounds" which is a new way in all wards in the hospital ward.

The implementation of

mobile rounds, the doctor can directly through the IPDA system handheld computer check body temperature, urine volume and the inspection report, and according to the conditions of patients, direct input orders, don’t finish all patients after reunification out of a doctor. "Mobile ward round" not only reduces the burden of work, but also improves the efficiency of ward round. At the same time, the patient can see his test results and the implementation of treatment measures in the hospital bed, but also narrow the distance with the doctor, and enhance the efficiency of communication between medical staff and patients. Allow the patient to better understand his own treatment and the next treatment plan, understand the treatment and progress of their disease, deepen their understanding of the disease.

according to the nurse, doctor before 9:30 in the morning or even more than 10 finished housing start order, nurses need to copy after the implementation of. The doctor’s advice is much more content, late, very hectic and error prone. Now is not the same, the doctor rounds the doctor’s advice, nurses can immediately see the nurse workstation, the doctor’s advice to perform at least half an hour in advance. (Personal Digital Assistant) is a digital computer. Compared with the traditional computer, the advantage of PDA is light, compact, strong mobility, powerful. PDA not only can be achieved at the bedside of the patient’s signs of acquisition and real-time data recording, the nurse not like before, after collecting data and then returned to the workstation transcription and input, so that the nurses have more time to serve patients, improve the work efficiency of nurses. At the same time, by scanning the two-dimensional bar code with the wrist strap, identifying the patient’s name, hospital number, only need to scan the wrist in infusion therapy, the patient’s transfusion information is displayed, and a medicine bottle on the bar code, the computer sounded a loud bell like sound. If the medicine took the wrong, the tone is particularly bad, the computer will show "inconsistent with the bar code, please check carefully", and effectively improve the accuracy of nursing check. (author: Zhang Yongchun)


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