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Sonoyama hand fire building harmonious primary school

In order to do a good job of safety fire control, to create a safe campus, improve the ability of students to deal with security incidents. In October 31st, 11· 9 of the national fire safety publicity day "is approaching, Xining City, Xining City Garden Hui primary school invited the fire brigade officers and soldiers to carry out a" hands on fire, the fire safety activities to build harmony "as the theme.

day 14:30, activities kicked off in a fire drill in open up a fresh outlook. Fire officers and soldiers to the East sonoyama Hui Primary School Teachers and students show daily during the rescue special skills and equipment. Li Mingmei said: "the sixth grade students through this activity, we not only to understand the relevant knowledge of fire, but also to watch the fire drill process, meet a lot of fire fighting equipment, also learned how to use the fire extinguisher, harvest a lot."

Xining Yuanshan Hui Primary School Han Cailian said: "the use of this opportunity to observe and practice, students can learn and master fire self-help knowledge, enhance the consciousness of fire control, fire escape skills. The school fire control work, not only related to the healthy growth of young people, but also related to the development and stability of the school." (author: Fan Chengcheng)



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