Science Day intelligent robot cube

September 20th, the city in 2014 the national popular science theme series activities in the central square kicked off, the day of the event is divided into 5 sections, Rubik’s cube in the performance of the plate in an intelligent robot to perform extraordinary magic cube. It is understood that in 2014 the national science popularization day theme of innovation and development, national action, closely around the innovation lead the future, innovation and change life, innovation in my side, innovative round my dream concept launched. The activities of the day is divided into 5 sections, not only the traditional display of publicity, as well as a series of health consultation and medical experts on clinic activities, science knowledge quiz contest also attracted many people to participate in activities. In the event, but also on display more than 20 pieces of popular science caravan exhibits, people can learn the scientific knowledge while operating the device side. In addition, it is worth mentioning that in Rubik’s cube, magic and other performances in the program, the performance of the cube by the intelligent robot show suddenly attracted many people stop to watch. Various forms of activities, the public not only saw the wonderful performances, but also learned a lot of scientific knowledge. According to the City Association staff, the series of activities, in September 20th as the focus of Publicity Day, science caravan, science volunteers into rural activities and the county science activities are also being carried out.  


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