Xining vegetable basket network

For the busy urban life rhythm, October 15th, "Xining basket net", this is the first network of our city shopping platform, through the network of people can stay at home can get their dishes, not only saves a lot of time in shopping, but also eliminates the dish Zecai link. It is understood that the "Xining basket net" on the Qinghai Xinghai Road farmers market, convenient service to customers "one-stop" purchase, purchase, distribution, take all in one service mode, adhere to the routine checks for each batch of agricultural products, will add a heavy metal, pesticide residue and other harmful agricultural products shut out, let the safest and most fresh product distribution to each customer, and from planting, breeding, processing, transportation and storage of modern production to the final shelves, each link are carefully processed, ensure food fresh and authentic. At the same time, opened the official website mall, mobile APP platform and WeChat platform, so that people more convenient to buy their own dishes.  


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