The city’s two court portals opened

recently, the Xining municipal court successfully completed the construction of the local network of Chinese courts, opened a total of 8 court website, the city’s courts to achieve full coverage of the internet. This shows that the city court information construction work, judicial publicity and publicity work has entered a new stage of development.

since 2010, the Xining intermediate people’s court and some courts have opened the court website. In 2013, the City Court justice in order to comply with the disclosure requirements, increase the pace of construction site, in the city court Party attaches great importance to the city court, press office intensify supervision, the court actively preparing in the guidance and coordination of provincial and municipal courts, the city’s two court website recently fully open. The city court combined with the specific circumstances of the units in the basis of the principle of fair justice, adhere to the judicial openness, working conditions to show through different plate design, content and expression of the chosen Institute and spirit, and set up a bridge to communicate with the public, to facilitate judicial public, accept the supervision of the court, to jointly promote the work smoothly carry out, generally covers many aspects of the hospital situation, news, court litigation services, independence, academic research, team construction, culture content, multi angle, three-dimensional display of the work of the court.

with the city court 8 sites and 16 official micro-blog open network information platform of the city court to build has been fully operational, it will be for the city court to achieve the judicial openness and increase the news propaganda show justice play a huge role.



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