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The province’s second, a total of young people to join hands to protect the source of Sanjiang tree

4 month 29 days, to thoroughly implement the spirit of the instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping’s "three solid", by the Provincial Bureau of retired cadres, the Provincial Committee led by the second Hunan "and work together, to protect the Sanjiang source tree campaign kicked off in maixiu forest farm of Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous prefecture. The provincial committee director Sangge, deputy director Li Mingjin, deputy director of Liu Xiao, Han Yugui and Old Cadres Bureau, the provincial forestry department, the provincial Party committee, Sanjiang source protection fund and the Huangnan Commission, the state government leadership and relevant units of the "old", together with representatives of young students, interpret the significance of the protection of the actual source of Sanjiang action.

activities, sang made a mobilization speech, he pointed out that Qinghai has a special and important position in the construction of ecological civilization in the country, the provincial government attaches great importance to ecological construction in Qinghai. The planting action led to the province the majority of the old and young transfer green mission, inheritance green feelings, is of great significance, hope all the relevant departments continue to use the effective carrier, guide young people to establish the awareness of environmental protection, healthy lifestyle choices, have a good habit of saving, low carbon consumption, promote green travel, for the construction of the great beauty of Qinghai, the construction of the beautiful China as a heart, a force.

"environmental concerns, and relating to universal cadres and youth organization, together, to carry out environmental protection of Sanjiang source tree campaign aims to arouse the attention from all walks of life in Qinghai, green construction, make the concept of environmental protection from the child grabbed from the implanted heart, into action, Old Cadres Bureau, the Provincial Committee for a responsible person said.

it is understood that the action since last year has been carried out, in the old cadre hands-on demonstration under the guidance of many old comrades, youth and all sectors of society to participate in major projects to Sanjiang source of ecological environmental protection, and achieved good social effects.

looked at the "big and small" planted trees in the wind up, Tongren County Library Library between Xiang Qu boarding primary school on the sixth grade students. Generation said excitedly: "happy grandparents and together we planted saplings, we do some of the things that is conducive to environmental protection, as a in order to protect their power source in Sanjiang."



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