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Xining West joint law enforcement for 9 gas pipeline mine

December 4th, Xining City West District People’s government organized a number of departments in the field of joint law enforcement, take tough measures to rectification within the jurisdiction of the 9 natural gas pipeline being tied up, covered risks, require the relevant department or unit responsible, dismantle, tying up gas pipeline coating buildings or attachments, without leaving any hidden dead.

day, west district government led by the Safety Supervision Bureau, organization construction, urban management, public security, fire protection, industry and commerce, health and related offices and other departments, to the Yellow River Road, Hing Road, West Main Street, victory road, lane, Lane meteorological Yicai existence of 9 natural gas pipeline safety hazards, covering the tie up site location, joint law enforcement, except for a few through corrective measures to eliminate the natural gas pipeline being tied up, covered risks made a rectification decision, on the Yellow River Road No. 7, tying up gas pipeline building or attachments made a decision must be removed.

in the joint law enforcement process, make all the hidden one deadline after the decision, Chengxi District Safety Supervision Bureau official also made it clear that, for a Gas Co in the West District of the investigation within the scope of the end user security risks, the relevant government departments will fully support and cooperate with the west area of remediation. For but unable to rectify the existing natural gas facilities hidden residents in poor households, the elderly, will be replaced by the district government hidden hose and alarm.



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