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10845 insured workers to achieve information management

recently, chase the county to participate in the unemployment insurance 69 enterprises (things) and the basic information of the insured workers into the information system of all 10845 employees into the information system. The line of our province "golden insurance project" management information system of social insurance, unemployment insurance management realize the informatization, unified computer management, the checking of unemployment insurance records more convenient and norms.

reporter learned that the information management system can achieve the payment base declaration audit, unemployment insurance premiums and unemployment insurance benefits, such as the issuance of audit. At the same time you can also increase or decrease the insured person, the insured units to declare, pay for the classification, statistics and summary. It is understood, according to the basic conditions of payment and payment records, and the amount of time the system can automatically generate the unemployed to enjoy unemployment insurance benefits, and can examine the hospital, maternity, funeral and other special payments, greatly reduces the error rate of unemployment insurance, to further enhance the level of information management the unemployment insurance, the unemployment insurance business to strengthen the dynamic management.



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