Follow up the site inspection

observation in the democratic management of village affairs site held in August 23rd and the exchange of experience, current affairs column and the first half open problems of the village were informed, urging the village towns do requirements within 15 days after the old affairs column timely repair, do basic unity, rain, concise beautiful, standardize and improve the content of village affairs, to ensure comprehensive and effective public disclosure in the period from being damaged. According to the meeting, September 13th -14 by the District Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Organization Department, the audit bureau, the Financial Bureau, the Civil Affairs Bureau of the rectification work was reviewed.
for the exposed part of the village public affairs column damage, procedures are not standardized, open content is not detailed problems such as sample of 12 villages, the village of supervision from the following four aspects: one is the rectification standard and open position, the construction side open bar fixed in convenient for people to gather and read the land; two is to regulate the disclosure, disclosure and strive to comprehensive, accurate and specific; three is the standard and open procedures, open content must be open in the supervision and supervision committee, the four is to regulate the public; time, in accordance with the requirements of the post publicity within the prescribed period of time.



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