Key points of notarization in 2012

In 2012 the city’s notary General requirements are: to take Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" as guidance, thoroughly implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, conscientiously implement the city’s political and legal work in administration of justice and the spirit of the meeting, stick around the central task, adhere to the people-oriented, practicing for the people, to create a harmonious and stable social environment for the eighteen great victory of the party held as the goal, to deepen the three key tasks, strengthen social management and innovation as the focal point, vigorously strengthen notary team construction, continue to expand and standardize legal services, strengthen notary service ability, perfect the notary management mechanism, strengthen regulation, promote the healthy development of the notarial work in our city.
a, give full play to its functions, maintain fairness and justice and social harmony and stability
1, expand legal services, fully involved in various fields of economic construction. Focus on the reform and development of state-owned enterprises and the construction of new socialist countryside services. To adapt to the new requirements of economic and social development of the law, focusing on promoting coordinated economic and social development, promote the work of national and local notary public key projects and major construction projects, to provide services such as ecological construction, enterprise restructuring, investment, industrial structure adjustment, market economic management. Organize and guide the notary to provide high quality and efficient legal services for all types of market players for trade, investment and other civil and commercial activities. 2, actively promote and guide the notary to strengthen and innovate social management services. Participate in all levels of Party committees, people’s congresses, governments and other departments involved in the law petition work, give full play to the administration according to law, legal advice, legal advocacy and mediation and other service functions, and promote social conflicts in accordance with the law, rational solution. 3, to further strengthen the work of government counsel. We will actively promote and guide the notary to provide legal advice to Party committees and governments at all levels and all sectors of society, and actively participate in the administration according to law. The establishment of a notary legal service group, focusing on local industrial development, energy conservation and emission reduction, recycling economy and other key areas (projects) to carry out special legal services. 4, organize and guide the notary industry to carry out the "service for the people" theme of practical activities. To promote and guide the notary legal service extends to the grassroots, through litigation and non litigation, legal advice and other ways to increase service for the economic development in rural and pastoral areas, farmers and herdsmen, actively promote and guide the notary developing public welfare services, community oriented, for migrant workers and laid-off workers and other special services group. Actively carry out legal aid, poverty alleviation, solve the basic social contradictions. 5, to further improve the livelihood of the people. Guide the notary to actively participate in the people’s mediation, guide the notary make full use of mediation to resolve conflicts and disputes; to further increase the "three rural" efforts, for the maintenance of agriculture (animal husbandry) the land contracting right of management, the development of agricultural industrialization, rural investment and other services, to further improve the community, agricultural and pastoral areas of township (town) village. Pair work. 6, the city’s notary public charity activities. During the year, the city’s notary office was organized to help the poor rural areas;


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