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Poor two cancer women how to apply for relief fund

reporter learned from the provincial women’s Federation, the province since 2009, the implementation of rural women cervical cancer, breast cancer (hereinafter referred to as two cancer) free inspection of the pilot project, the scope of implementation has been fully covered. Each year more than 20 people from the age of 35 to the age of 64 rural and pastoral women receive free inspection. As of the end of 2016, there are 754 poor "cancer of two" sick women get $10 thousand per bailout.

"poor mother of two cancer relief fund" is the National Women’s Federation in support of the Ministry of Finance (the Ministry of Finance allocated from the central lottery fund as "financial support), mobilize social forces to set up public welfare projects. The amount of time and the total amount of the annual relief fund is uncertain. After the rescue of qualified medical institutions have been diagnosed with cervical cancer 2B or more invasive breast cancer poor women in rural and pastoral areas, the rescue criteria for a one-time relief of 10 thousand yuan per person.

so, two cancer women how to apply for the poor mother of cancer relief fund two? According to the provincial women’s Federation of the relevant staff, patients to the local county (District, city) women’s Federation to apply and submit the relevant documents: identity card, residence booklet (with name page), medical records, hospital inpatient medical expenses reimbursement certificate, registration copy; subsistence households, participatory poverty and the disabled, providing low assurance, participatory poverty management manual, disability certificate copy (with name page), poor patients still need the local village (animal husbandry) Committee issued proof of poverty, and that the family of patients basic situation (and newspaper electronic version). County (city, district) women’s review of patient information, reporting to meet the bailout conditions in the National Women’s Federation of rural women, two cancer free inspection project data acquisition system, by the Municipal Women’s Federation, the provincial women’s Federation of first instance, and then after the audit report for the National Women’s Federation "poor mother of two cancer relief fund". After the National Women’s Federation, poor mothers two cancer relief fund allocated, the county (District, city) women’s Federation of poverty of the two cancer sick women to give relief.



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