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Xining governance gas water two no mistake and strive to become a national environmental protection

February 21st, the Xining municipal environmental pollution comprehensive management and the establishment of the national environmental protection model city work conference held. This year, the city of Xining City air quality excellent rate will remain above 65%, and strive to reach 70%, and strive to overall 26 year index, passed the technical evaluation by the Ministry of environmental protection.

to 26

full compliance index model

at present, the 26 year in the city of Xining 21 index has successfully passed the provincial standard, pre assessment. The remaining 5 indicators is difficult, therefore, according to the requirement of Xining city index model environment construction, the early completion of disposal factory relocation and expansion project to build second sewage sludge harmless treatment in Xining City, for sewage standard transformation, the use of recycled water and waste center two stable operation of the project, and to speed up the fourth, fifth sewage treatment plant engineering construction. At the same time, accelerate the construction of Lake Wetland Park project to ensure that the environmental infrastructure on schedule to play a benefit.

next, according to the evaluation opinions and suggestions of the Ministry of environmental protection model pre strengthening air quality, city sewage treatment, water quality standards, industrial safety and pollution control of hazardous waste disposal and other 5 did not meet the governance, strive to pass the technical assessment of the Ministry of environmental protection.

to eliminate the five categories of water quality by 2015

this year, will continue to promote the comprehensive management of Nanjing Hexi Huangshui, up fourth, fifth sewage treatment plants and supporting pipe network construction, start the sixth sewage treatment plant construction projects. At the same time, the implementation of Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan three county and Eastern Gan River Industrial Park sewage treatment plant mentioned standard renovation project, urban centralized sewage treatment all reached level A standard. Through unremitting efforts, by 2015 the total elimination of Huangshui River Basin water quality inferior to five, more than the West Nanjing Huangshui River water quality reached the national standard three class, the small gap section compliance rate of more than 80% of the target task, as the water into the city engineering paved the way.



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