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Qinghai rainbow trout accounted for 75% of the country

has captured 75% of the country’s total, and each of the 10 rainbow trout, there are 7 from Qinghai. This year, the province’s rainbow trout production reached more than 10 thousand tons, reaching the top in the country! Inadvertently, the cold water fish in Qinghai amazing quartet.

Qinghai cool climate good fish farming

high altitude, strong sunlight, oxygen, the Tibetan Plateau can be thin fish? The answer is: yes! Not only can raise, but also can fish very well!

Qinghai cool cool fish. A cold water fish, affecting the people of Qinghai along the Yellow River basin to get rich. "Qinghai is the main breeding fish, including salmon, rainbow trout, salmon…… These fish can only grow and grow in low water, so they are called cold water fish." Domestic cold water fish industry development is not broad, but we are blessed with cool climate Qinghai is very suitable for the growth of cold water fish, the industry is very promising!" Qinghai fishery environmental monitoring station official said proudly.

from scratch, from small to large, our province to build the plateau has not stopped the pace of modern fisheries. From the beginning of 2007, the province of Norway province to introduce and introduce a complete set of cold water fish cage aquaculture technology and ecological breeding equipment. Introduced species from the United States, Norway, Denmark, white salmon and rainbow trout as the main species, the deep sea cage culture as the main push technology, carried out along the Yellow River cold water fish cage aquaculture technology demonstration and promotion.

Qinghai into the country’s largest breeding base

as the saying goes, Kaoshanchishan by water draft. The upper reaches of the Yellow River with large and medium-sized cascade hydropower stations and reservoirs built in Qinghai, the Yellow River River, 300 kilometers of water is cold water, clean water, good water quality, was recognized as one of the areas of cold water fish cage culture conditions best.

has a richly endowed by nature water resources, plus cold appropriate temperature, Qinghai has become a "land of cold water fish growth". According to statistics, the province is now available for the development of fisheries has more than 60 acres of water, of which more than 574 thousand acres of reservoirs, lakes, more than 6 acres, ponds of 6200 acres. With the construction of the Yellow River Upstream Hydropower Station, the formation of 10 large and medium reservoirs, the conventional breeding varieties mainly for grass carp, carp, carp and other fish of warm water, cold water aquaculture in rainbow trout, trout, whitefish and other high cold water fish, but also to carry out the g.eckloni etc., Qinghai Lake Naked Carps native fish breeding, preliminary has formed the Qinghai plateau characteristics of cold water fish farming development model.

The territory of "relying on Longhua County Haidong city

Beaded" the Yellow River cascade hydropower station water resources advantages, in the cold water fish out of a large-scale farming road, up to now, has been the development of cold water fish breeding 20 leading enterprises, completed a total of 45 thousand square meters in 693 years, on the golden trout, rainbow trout, whitefish etc. 790 thousand young fish fishing, to achieve annual output of 553 thousand kilograms, the annual output value reached 22 million yuan, has now become the largest in Qinghai Province, the highest standards of cold water fish breeding base.

expert estimates, at present, Qinghai cascade reservoirs between the dam can be completely;


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