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Three remember heavy chase chase cultural market

in order to ensure a stable and harmonious cultural market order, strengthen the safety inspection of Datong County Cultural market, carry out targeted training, improve the management system to guide enterprises, three punch "hit" to the cultural market security risks.
check. During the key period, key nodes, the county cultural market comprehensive law enforcement unit joint fire, public security, industry and commerce departments to strengthen the cultural market inspection and remediation. The county north of town surrounding areas of cultural market to carry out inspection, check the Internet cafes, shops, business publications download mobile phone shops, illegal publications confiscated, delete mobile phone download pornographic electronic publications, shall be ordered to correct management. Grasping training. For the problems found in the examination, the right medicine. For the county flower tea fire facilities are not complete, fire channel blockage, personnel training is not solid and other issues held feedback meeting, proposed rectification requirements. The requirements of the business units, investigation and security risks from the focus on strengthening the awareness of fire safety, personnel intensive fire drills, implement the responsibility system, Dinggang quota, grasp the quality and civilization construction. Promoting management. Daily inspection, laws and regulations training, special meeting as an opportunity, the county cultural market comprehensive law enforcement unit to guide the operators to improve the system, promote the standardization of enterprise development. Combined with the county Internet industry self-discipline alliance mode, to guide the implementation of the county flower tea garden management, the implementation of the flower singer registration, the establishment of the alliance system, regulating the orderly competition in the performance market. Guide Internet cafes, entertainment and improve the responsibility system, to carry out fire safety drills, improve on-site inspection system.



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