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Joint enforcement of traffic and public security departments to combat illegal operation of the two

from February 20th to May 20th, the Provincial Department of communications and the Provincial Public Security Bureau jointly carried out in the province to combat the black car and other illegal activities engaged in the management of taxi operations.

this activity will be focused on investigating the illegal operation of the black car, forged the operating license of the minibus, illegal business behavior news operations offsite taxi, motorcycles, vans and other vehicles etc.. The key to combat illegal organizers, led, and illegal operators dominate the market, monopoly market, forced transactions, mafia and disrupt the market order of the gang. Comprehensive management of passenger transport line, airports, stations, hotels, hospitals, commodity markets, urban and rural stations and the states (prefectures) illegal operation of vehicles in Nanjing office area and tourist behavior, disrupt the market order in the. And strictly investigate illegal operations such as holiday peak passenger flow.

all the traffic department, public security department will set up a joint law enforcement mechanism, make full use of advanced scientific and technological means to take evidence search, take point inspection and flow check, regular check and not regularly check, cross check and linkage check, check out and check the dark method, strictly crack down on all kinds of illegal operation behavior. Widely mobilize the masses to report complaints, smooth channels of complaint reporting, reporting complaints telephone calls, designated person responsible for reporting the admissibility of cases, supervision and reply.

around the traffic department in illegal business activities at the same time, the combining guidance, reasonable arrangements for transportation, through the open bus, extend the bus travel times, increase passenger train frequency, convenient for people to travel, from the source to effectively curb the black car living space. And gradually establish a long-term mechanism to combat illegal operations and joint law enforcement system to prevent the rebound in illegal trading behavior.

this action will be based on facts, adhere to the law of administration, civilized law enforcement, to prevent arbitrary fines, illegal car and other acts. In law enforcement, traffic departments will strengthen the "black car" illegal operation of driver’s education, be punished according to law, fails to accept the deal or not to comply with the decision on punishment, the judicial organ to take coercive measures to coordinate. Public security departments do not listen to discourage, obstruct, obstruct, siege of law enforcement officers and other acts, engaged in illegal operations of the evil forces, will be severely punished according to law, constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.



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