Evening city recruitment will re record

In July 13th 9, jointly organized by the Xining evening news, human resources and Social Security Bureau, city talent exchange center third job face large-scale recruitment activity has just started, there are a lot of job seekers into the municipal government administrative service center on the first floor hall, the day a total of more than 1600 applicants to the recruitment site, which 758 people and employers reached a preliminary agreement of intent, since once again set a record contract activities.

67 companies to provide 1843 jobs

the recruitment site, in addition to the Xiamen Airline Co, emerging Jihua Group Co. Ltd., Qinghai Qinghua Group and other large enterprises entering the recruitment, and the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and other administrative units to join the Nanchuan Industrial Park Social Development Bureau of Dongchuan Industrial Park and the labor and Social Affairs Bureau is good with a lot of enterprises entering the park well, the recruitment will be a total of 1843 jobs, 67 companies. Recruitment meeting, the company actively involved in the recruitment of candidates who are also enthusiastic, the reporter saw the scene, in some enterprises recruitment booth, many job seekers did not wait and see, but the initiative to talk with the employer. The recruitment site, 39 healthguard received 73 resumes, Xiamen Airline Co received 61 resumes, Qinghai Xing Lin real estate brokerage Co., Ltd. received 55 resumes, Cold Lake Potash Co. Ltd. received 46 copies of your resume…… Xiamen Airline Co Xining Branch Sales Manager Yang Dongsheng said: "we are facing the students, this recruitment recruitment effect is very good for students, professional face is very wide, we will go through further examination to determine the final candidates." Qinghai Fu Yin group, director of human resources, said Ms. Shi, the same day the recruitment meeting, corporate engineering and civil service recruitment effect is very good.

enterprise training into the first step in the workplace

July 13th, jointly organized by the Xining evening news, human resources and Social Security Bureau, city talent exchange center third job seekers face large-scale recruitment activities, Xiamen airlines, 39 healthguard group, Qinghai gelatin Limited company by the candidates come to favor. Not only because these companies have a good job offer, but also for these companies to pay attention to staff training is also an important reason to attract candidates.

"is necessary for staff training for new employees, especially graduates, great subjectivity still exist for their own cognition of their own candidates for the post is for there are still a lot of doubts, in the training they can find their own problems, truly understand and recognize their own is really suitable for this post, in order to better position themselves, to the enterprise, employee training can shorten the time of new employees adapt to the job, can avoid the loss of personnel midway." 39 healthguard group recruitment person in charge told reporters.

technical generation workplace "xiangbobo"

on the day of the recruitment site, providing 1843 jobs in the employer, there are more than 560 workers and technical posts;


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