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East District coal dust control to create a miracle

reporter in January 13th from the East District of the comprehensive pollution control work conference was informed that: in 2014 the District Committee and the district government leaders attach great importance to and repeatedly come under the coordination, the district environmental protection departments face the eastern coal gas task more than three other areas of the city, and catering units in the region’s coal fume control the task for more than 2/3 of the city’s most serious challenge, the difficulty of the rectification unit, the difficulties, the courage to play, by taking a series of targeted initiatives, exceeding the annual target task, in the coal dust control on a miracle.
four measures: one is the full implementation of the "coal to gas" project. For the Muslim temple, poor communities, bankrupt enterprises and other difficult units to implement financial subsidies 10 million 783 thousand yuan, the transformation of coal-fired boilers of 78 units of 107.95 tons of steam, for the annual target task of 108%. Two is to promote the catering unit coal soot treatment. In order to actively cooperate with the rectification, the existence of economic difficulties catering units for 113 thousand and 500 yuan subsidy funds for the food and beverage units of the coal (oil) smoke treatment, remediation rate of up to 100% in. Three is to do a good job in the standardization of coal remediation site. The allocation of staff, continue to strengthen inspections, put an end to 2013 closed the 9 place of the coal heap ", at the same time, the establishment of a stirring among the dry bones" check points to check into Ningxia coal vehicle in Nanjing cross road, eliminate inferior coal sales in Xining market. The four is to pay close attention to the garbage burning and the roadside barbecue unit cleanup work. On both sides of the street and the surrounding environment, garbage clean-up efforts, and to the open-air barbecue and illegal Jeeves households "ban on open-air barbecue and barbecue Zhandao notice" and other promotional materials more than 1000 copies, 43 stalls have conditions are guided into the store, clear the flow stalls 62, fried stalls 47, 46 small stove.



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